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A gorgeously illustrated introduction to Chinese New Year, written by Eva Wong Nava and illustrated by Li Xin.


'Twelve animals, one for each year, each one with their own special powers. It all started with a race to cross the most heavenly of rivers.' Chinese New Year is right around the corner and Mai-Anne is so excited! As her family start decorating the house, there's a knock on the door... her grandmother, Nai Nai, has arrived! They start their celebrations with a traditional meal filled with fish for good luck, noodles for long life, dumplings for blessings and a WHOLE chicken. Then after dinner Nai Nai tells the story of how Chinese New year began, with the Great Race! Join Mai-Anne as she learns about twelve animals and their special powers in the story of how Chinese New Year began!


A beautifully illustrated introduction to the true meaning of Chinese New Year and family traditions for little ones A love letter to all the grandparents in the world Features some non-fiction facts on the last pages for especially curious minds about Chinese New Year, including different countries' traditions.


Age 2-6

I Love Chinese New Year | Eva Wong Nava

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