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Rob will be doing an event with us on 9th September - if you would like a signed &  dedicated copy, please order by 8th September! Books will be posted on 11th September.


Superstar author and illustrator Rob Biddulph dazzles in Peanut Jones and the End of the Rainbow. This third and final title in the hilarious adventure series for boys and girls aged 8 to 12 fizzes with magic, danger, friendship and art. This gorgeous hardback is fully illustrated in two-colours throughout by Rob, the creative genius behind #DrawWithRob.

Some legends are born, some are drawn . . .

Notorious villain Mr White will stop at nothing to wipe out colour and creativity everywhere. But he's gone too far! This time he's lured Peanut's mum into terrible danger and only Peanut and her friends can save her. An action-packed mission to the heart of the magical Illustrated City tests friendships and leads to a final showdown that makes Peanut question everything she thought she knew...

Peanut Jones and the End of the Rainbow | Rob Biddulph

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