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"When people ask me what we grow in Grandad’s garden, I think they expect the answer to be cucumbers, tomatoes or runner beans. I don’t think they expect the answer to be dragons. But there it is. We grow dragons. And I can tell you this – they’re A LOT more trouble than cucumbers."


When Tomas finds a dragon-fruit tree in his grandad’s garden and a tiny dragon bursts out of one of the fruit, he discovers just how much more trouble than cucumbers they are.


But it’s not all about the chaos and exploding poo. The first time Flicker curls his tail around Tomas’ neck and looks at him with those bright diamond eyes, Tomas finds there’s a whole lot more magic in a dragon.


But if you grow a dragon you’d better keep them a secret, because who wouldn’t want their own dragon?


The 'Boy Who Grew Dragons’ is the first in a series of funny, magical, heartwarming books that prove once and for all it’s surprising where you can find magic, if you choose to look.


Age 6-9

The Boy Who Grew Dragons

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