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Once you have selected a Base you are converting from, you simply add your value to the conversion field and press CONVERT... Base Conversion Utility Product Key Features: Converts any number from one Base to any other Base. Converts any base from one base to any other base. Converts to or from Hexadecimal, Octal, Decimal or other bases. Converts very large or small values, to any base. Has a simple GUI. Can handle values from any other base! Base Conversion Utility Torrent Download Requirements: When starting the program, make sure you have an active internet connection, and are connected to the INTERNET! The Base Conversion Utility requires the Microsoft Windows�.NET Framework 3.5 and up. You will be required to install the latest version if you don't already have it. When using Internet Explorer, you may have to turn on ActiveX and run the program. There is a brief (about 1-2 seconds) message "The Base Conversion Utility can�t run on your computer because it is on an Internet Server," but it is safe to use. The Base Conversion Utility can be installed onto a USB Memory Stick or downloaded using a second program. Once installed, you will be ready to go. You can download the Base Conversion Utility from: You will need an active internet connection. The download could take a few minutes. The program may require a restart to operate. If not restarted, after the download the program will be ready for you to start. Uploading the Base Conversion Utility to the Internet: Choose File | Place. Choose "Create:..." from the Open File menu, or drag and drop the.EXE onto the Create icon. Choose a folder on the computer or USB Memory Stick. For security purposes: Change the File Name to "Base Conversion Utility.exe". Click the Folder icon to "Create a folder." Click the "Create" button. Save the program onto the USB Memory Stick. Getting the Base Conversion Utility from the Internet: Choose File | Send To. Click "Browse for Server." Choose a folder on the computer or USB Memory Stick. Click the "Browse" button to select the folder, or Drag the.EXE to the Send To icon. Choose "Place in this a5204a7ec7

"The Base Conversion Utility" is a basic program designed for converting numbers to and from other Base systems. To convert a number (e.g. a single Hexadecimal digit or a number in Base ten, Base twelve or Base Twenty Four), simply enter the value and press the OK button. In the menu, choose the base you want to convert the number into (e.g. Hexadecimal, Decimal etc) or the base you want the number to be converted into (e.g. Hexadecimal). You can then enter the required number (e.g. the number 8 or FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF) and press the OK button. The program will first display a list of numbers which can be converted by simply pressing OK. If you are only interested in certain numbers, you can press the CUT icon to cut the list and stop the program at the required position. This is a particularly useful feature, for example, if you need only a few numbers, or if you don�t know the appropriate number you�re looking for. The program can also be used to find a number you need (e.g. the number 220 in a 100000000 bit map file). When you have the number you need, you can save it or if you want to convert only a part of the number, you can convert a range (e.g. 00000000-00000FFF). You can import any number of files and make a conversion table for them. You can for example have a large number of Base ten files which you want to convert into a Base twelve file. This is very useful, when converting base changing numbers. For example, you can write down the numbers from a Hexadecimal file, and simply convert them into Decimal or vice-versa. This will save a lot of time. You can also export this table to a text file for later use. When you�re done, click on the �OK� icon to stop the program. [1] Remap a number from the range 1 to 0 to the range 30 to 0. Note: The 0 number is interpreted as a number larger than all others. For example 0x1000 and 0x10000 are interpreted as 1024 and 10000 respectively. [2] Remap a number from the range 30 to 1 to the range 1 to 0. [3] Remap a number from the range


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