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Angelina is a charming little mouse who dreams of becoming a famous ballerina at Camembert Academy. Pull on that tutu and join Angelina and her friends as they meet a Princess, celebrate Angelina’s birthday and attend the biggest event in Mouseland – the Royal Wedding.


List of titles:

01 - Angelina Ballerina
02 - Angelina and the Princess
03 - Angelina’s Birthday
04 - Angelina at the Palace
05 - Angelina On Stage
06 - Angelina and Alice
07 - Angelina’s Cinderella
08 - Angelina’s Big City Ballet
09 - Angelina and the Royal Wedding
10 - Angelina Loves Ice Skating


Running Time

approx. 60 minutes

Age 3+

Angelina Ballerina Tonies

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