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School Services

We work with schools to supply orders, curate libraries, bring book fairs and organise author events.


If you would like to discuss any of the below, please email us at


We are happy to handle orders for education organisations.  The orders can be sent to us by post, fax or email.  We offer a free delivery service and an educational discount.  

Open Evenings

We welcome teachers, librarians and lecturers at any time and - with prior notice - can open in an evening to allow a group to browse and purchase in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.  Alternatively we can send out specific selection boxes for people in education to look through.

Book Fairs and Conferences


We can provide books, on a sale or return basis, for fairs and events at schools, colleges and other venues.  The books are carefully selected after a discussion with someone from the host institution. The books may be for children themselves or for purchase by parents, teachers, students or lecturers.  We can staff such an event or alternatively just provide books plus support.


From time to time we visit schools, colleges and universities to talk to teachers, lecturers, tutors or students about books on specific topics, about the choosing of books or about the processes that go into the making of a book.

Author Visits

We can often help to find authors to visit schools and colleges - and support visits by providing books.  We do not charge for this service - but, of course, many authors naturally have a set fee they charge.  Nevertheless - often in conjunction with a supporting publisher - we can sometimes arrange visits for which no fee is charged. Naturally we give priority to regular customers for free visits. 


We create bespoke libraries for schools and colleges. We can tailor these to the budget or put together a proposal. With pre-existing libraries we would normally undertake an audit to gain a sense of the space and usage. We do not charge for this service.


We can provide free book posters, other display material and bookmarks.

Book Banding

For schools using banded readers, we can put together picks of banded books. These are normally a mix of ''real' books that we have banded and books from specific schemes. We can also include picture books.


When making selections we pick with an aim to make the selection as inclusive as possible.

We can also put together selections of books with a BAME focus.

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