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One day Izzy and her friends are surprised to find that their teacher, Miss Jones, is actually being nice to them. This is the woman who was caught secretly smiling when Maisie Miller fell off her chair. There can only be one conclusion: she's been taken over by aliens, and now she wants to make them all aliens too! Another brilliantly funny longer read for the newly confident reader from the best-selling, award-winning, author-illustrator team, Pamela Butchart and Thomas Flintham. Read more of Izzy's adventures!


Age 8+




1) Baby Aliens Got My Teacher

2) The Spy Who Loved School Dinners

3) My Headteacher is a Vampire Rat

4) Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies

5) To Wee or Not to Wee

6) Theres's A Werewolf in my Tent

7) The Phantom Lollipop Man

8) There's A Yeti in the Playground

9) Icarus Was Ridiculous (in Partnership with The British Museum)

10) The Broken Leg of Doom

Baby Aliens Got My Teacher (The Izzy Series) | Pamela Butchart

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