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Lovingly illustrated, this wry and gentle fantasy will speak to adults as well as children - and cast the familiar in an astonishing new light.
A tiny Spaceman arrives on a new planet, ready to perform his monotonous tasks - collecting samples, labelling and filing them, and moving on to the next planet. But pausing to look around, the Spaceman is dazzled by the beauty of his surroundings. Marvelling at a varied landscape of flowers, butterflies, and other wondrous creatures, he finds a pond to float in and a goofy beast who seems to want to be his friend. Could it be that the Spaceman has found a new home? With deadpan humour, this simple and sophisticated story offers surprises on each lively spread.

From a veteran creator comes a delightfully droll story radiating warmth and the wonder of the new, reminding us to look up from our mundane lives and embrace discovery.


Randy Cecil is the author-illustrator of Douglas, Duck, and many other highly acclaimed picture books. He is also the illustrator of James Howe's Brontorina and Tyrone O'Saurus Dreams; Elizabeth Bluemle's How Do You Wokka-Wokka? and My Father the Dog; Barbara Joosse's Girl and Dragon series, and numerous other books for young readers.

The Spaceman | Randy Cecil

SKU: 9781529517903
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