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At bedtime, in the car or just for fun!

This enchanting collection brings to life eight traditional fairy tales as full-cast recordings. Created with music, sound effects and all the expertise of the BBC, these much-loved stories will thrill a new generation of children.

The classic stories in this collection are:

Sleeping Beauty
A princess sleeps for a hundred years

Jack and the Beanstalk
A magic beanstalk just keeps on growing

Hansel and Gretel
Two children lost in the forest

Little Red Riding Hood
A cunning wolf gets up to some nasty tricks

The Ugly Duckling
A young bird surprises everyone

The Little Mermaid
A mermaid falls in love with a prince

The Emperor's New Clothes
One small boy speaks his mind

The Tinder Box
A soldier meets a dog with huge eyes

Encourage your child's enjoyment of listening and comprehension with BBC Audio.

A BBC Fairy Tale Collection (CD)

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