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Follow the heartwarming story of a new friendship in this innovative title, comprised of two books telling two different perspectives of the story of Joe and Mae!
It's Joe's first day at a new school. It's big, scary and different. He misses his school, his old friends and his old life. Can't he just go back to the way things were?
When Mae hears that there's a new kid starting school, she can't wait to meet him. Is this her chance to make a true friend?

A New Friend is the next book in the One Book, Two Stories format. With this innovative format, two books, telling two different stories, are bound together.
One book follows Joe on his first day at school, and the other shows Mae on her quest to make friends with the new kid. The stories can also be read side-by-side, as spreads from each book complement each other and are linked with corresponding page numbers. The final spread at the back of the book reveals a shared ending, in which Joe and Mae are united in the playground!

This uplifting tale of overcoming fears and making new friends is the perfect gift for anyone struggling with new challenges, and the innovative format means kids can read the story again and again, each time in different ways!


Review: "Joe is scared about being the new boy in town but Mae is determined to befriend him. Told in a split format, this is a sweet and reassuring follow up to We'll Be Together Again." * The Bookseller *


Maddy Vian is an illustrator and art director living by the sea in Kent. After graduating from Kingston School of Art with an Illustration Animation degree, she has worked on a wide range of creative projects, from animated music videos to storybook apps. Her illustrations are often thoughtful and nostalgic, and she enjoys using every colour under the sun.

Lucy Menzies is a writer and editor from Teesside.

A New Friend, one book two stories | Lucy Menzies and Maddy Vian

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