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All this time Scarlett's thought her dad was a thief, but years after his death a strange man turns up at the door and hands her a box, "on her father's instructions". Inside is a baffling series of clues that leads Scarlett and her friend, Ellie, on a wild, scary, often funny journey of discovery about her father and his mysterious life. But the more the girls learn, the more danger they're in. They must stay one step ahead of the sinister mayoress and her chauffer as they race to unravel her dad's final clue: Keep looking up...


Perfect for fans of Enid Blyton and Katherine Woodfine.


Age 8-11


"Fleur Hitchcock has cornered the market in hard-boilers for beginners." Alex O'Connell, The Times

Dear Scarlett | Fleur Hitchcock

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