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Mrs Noah sang to the children when they woke in the morning.

She sang as she worked in the garden, growing flowers and growing food.

She sang lullabies at night to help the children sail into sleep


"If you want to learn to sing," Mrs Noah tells the children, "first you must learn how to listen. Close your eyes, tight shut, and open your ears, wide, wide." At first the children hear only silence, then birds call, bees hum - and they hear the song of the garden. That night, Mr Noah makes a surprise present for the family so that they can all sleep together out in the garden. Then, at dawn there's the best surprise of all - the magical sound of the dawn chorus, led by the phoenix. On a joyful new day, Mrs Noah's birthday, there is birdsong in the garden and a future full of shared song for Mr and Mrs Noah and the children.

Mrs Noah's Song | Jackie Morris & James Mayhew

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