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Calling all kids from Planet Earth… Prepare for take-off, it’s time for an out of this world learning adventure!

Get ready to blast off into space to explore our solar system and beyond with the new National Geographic Kids Astronaut Tonie.

How are these different to the How & Why Tonies?
Our National Geographic Tonies are heavily speech-based, factual and detailed content. If your little one has a passion for nature they'll LOVE learning more about these amazing topics of discovery.

Age 5+


List of titles

01 - Our Solar System
02 - Galaxies, Stars and Black Holes
03 - Humans in Space
04 - Aliens?
05 - Blast Off
06 - Space Mysteries
07 - Exploring the Night Sky


Running Time

approx. 60 minutes



Nat Geo Astronaut | Tonie

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