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The Pop-Up Chess Set can be opened or closed in any position. Should you need to pause a game simply close the board. When you have the opportunity to resume play open the board and the pieces will pop up in the same position as when left. The set is made from paper and card. No plastic is used. It is sustainable and recyclable. The unique design of The Pop-Up Chess Set makes it an ideal travel set but also one that sits neatly on a bookshelf at home.


  • Pieces fully movable
  • Set can fold flat and re-open with pieces in place
  • Book with game rules and tactics
  • No plastic, recyclable
  • King height 74mm
  • Board size 165x165mm. Individual squares 20x20mm
  • Storage pockets for pieces
  • High quality slipcase to protect the chess set
  • Slipcase size 260x320mm

The Pop-Up Chess Set - David Hawcock

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