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From flying saucers and supersonic spaceships, to alien encounters and famous fakes, this classic title traces UFOs throughout history, and is the perfect companion for any space enthusiast. First published in 1977, this is the second book from Usborne's beloved World of the Unknown series to be brought back by popular demand. With a brand new foreword by impressionist, actor and comedian Jon Culshaw, otherwise the book remains unchanged from the original. For centuries people have been seeing strange lights and shapes in the sky, and weird creatures walking the Earth, but in recent years there seem to have been more of these 'objects' than ever. Researchers have tried to find out more about them, but while many have been explained, there still remain a few which defy identification. World of the Unknown UFOs investigates UFO case stories. It tells you what is known of the flying saucer mystery and suggests some possible solutions to it. Where do UFOs come from? Are they spaceships guided by creatures from other worlds? Are they figments of people's imaginations? You can find answers to some of these questions in this book and learn how to make your own UFO model, how to fake a UFO photograph, and even how to go hunting for real UFOs.

The World of the Unknown: UFOs | Ted Wilding-White and foreword by Jon Culshaw

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