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A breathtaking pop-up book adaptation of a classic tale from Shahnemeh, the Persian Book of Kings. 


The tale begins as the greedy Prince Zahhak is swayed to murder his father and usurp the throne. For his wicked deed, the villainous King is cursed with monstrous snakes that grow from his shoulders and feed upon the brains of young men. Thus commences his brutal rule over the seven realms of Persia. But one night, the King has an ominous dream that strikes fear into his heart. His soothsayer soon foretells that a young Persian man will rise up against the King and end his reign with a mighty blow from a golden mace. Who is this mysterious young man, and is he powerful enough to conquer the evil Zahhak and his ravenous snakes to bring peace to Persia? Enter the mythical world of Zahhak: The Legend of the Serpent King


An exceptional book, perfect for collectors or fans of Robert Sabuda.

Zahhak: Legend of the Serpent King

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