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No visit to an art gallery can rival this one! Tom visits a very special exhibition where each picture features a cat. One by one, the cats all leap out and follow him, until a very large, scary cat makes them rush back to the safety of their frames. But these aren't just any cats or any pictures! Ruth Brown has created her own unique and amusing masterpieces in the style of twelve well known painters from around the world. Young children will enjoy discovering the pictures with Tom, watching the increasing number of cats following him around, and matching the cats with the pictures. The perfect introduction to the world of fine art. 'Exceptional draughtsmanship makes all her books a feast...a book to lead readers to 13 painters from Mondrian to Munch and Kahlo to Klimt.' - Sunday Times Culture Magazine 'Cleverly conceived and superbly executed.'

A Gallery of Cats | Ruth Brown

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