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This is an adult book, as featured in the ESEA festival at SOAS.




Written in the tradition of classic science fiction from the likes of Arthur C. Clarke, Frank Herbert and Philip K. Dick, Yen Ooi balances rich imagination and simple storytelling to bring us into the future of Earth and the world of Sun. The Great War has ravaged Earth and left humankind a shadow of its former self. Faced with the mortality of their race, those who remain press on with a newfound humility and strive for equality in their drive to advance the species. Hope lies on a new frontier for humanity, as newly developed technologies and a profound discovery push them out into space. The chance to begin again is at hand, but will the old fears and the old ways return to hamper mankind’s progress once again? Two girls, the seed of humanity’s greatest aspirations, must find the courage to choose.

A Suspicious Collection | Yen Ooi

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