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Join the master composer on this musician tour of nature.


Presented by Daniel Hope as Ludwig van Beethoven and performed by the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, Beethoven for Kids is a wonderful introduction to the work of this master musician.


Taken on a musical tour through nature by the great composer himself, young listeners will be enchanted by birdsong, murmuring brooks and even rumbling thunderstorms. Focussing on his glorious Pastoral Symphony, Beethoven reveals how orchestral instruments can evoke and express the power, beauty and joy of the natural world all around us.


List of titles

The Awakening of Joyous Feelings on Arriving in the Countryside

Scene by the Brook

Merry Gathering of Country Folk

Thunder, Storm

Shepherd’s Song; Cheerful and Thankful Feelings after the Storm

One last thought from Beethoven

Movement 1: "Allegro ma non troppo"

Movement 2: "Andante molto moto"v

Movement 3: "Allegro"

Movement 4: "Allegro"

Movement 5: "Allegretto"

Beethoven for Kids | presented by Daniel Hope

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