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Epic Adventures: Explore the World in 12 Amazing Train Journeys

All aboard for a trip around the world via twelve of the world's most amazing train journeys!


From 'Adventures on Trains' author and British Book Award 2021 winner, Sam Sedgman, comes a beautiful and informative book encapsulating the excitement and wonder of adventure and travel - all seen through the world's most wondrous train journeys.
Climb onboard and travel across six continents, 34 countries and numerous cities via twelve of the world's most amazing train journeys. Bestselling author Sam Sedgman will delight with his descriptive and illuminative text about train journeys including the Eurostar (London to Amsterdam), Orient Express (Paris to Istanbul), the first Transcontinental Railroad (Chicago to San Francisco) and the Rejuvenation Express (Beijing to Hong Kong). Each locomotive adventure reveals some of the rich history, culture, landscape and wildlife of the countries travelled. Take in the safari sights of Southern Africa, wrap up warm in the Arctic Circle, celebrate Chinese New Year and taste some tea in India whilst on a toy train - there's a whole world to discover when travelling by train!
Detailed, colourful illustrations by Sam Brewster brings the facts and journeys to life. Epic Adventures will appeal to culture-, travel-, locomotive-fans of all ages.


Sam Sedgman is a novelist, playwright and award-winning digital producer. His work has been performed internationally and shortlisted for the Courtyard Theatre award. He is the author of The Highland Falcon Thief and Epic Adventures. He lives in London and is a lifelong train and mystery enthusiast.
Sam Brewster is an award winning freelance illustrator & filmmaker based in London, UK.

Epic Adventures - 12 Amazing Train Journeys | Sam Sedgman and Sam Brewster

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