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The perfect magical read for kids who love animals and care about saving the environment!


Creepy Direspire Hall sits glowering on the moors - and if you stray too close then beware the growls and scary sounds from within... When animal lover Cora learns that Direspire's mysterious owner is looking for a new Creature Keeper, she realises this might just be the chance she's looking for to save her parents' farm.

But Direspire Hall is a spooky place and the strange creatures who live there are nothing like Cora is expecting. As Cora settles into her new life, it soon becomes clear that Direspire has its secrets, and that somebody will do whatever it takes to keep them...


A deliciously creepy gothic setting packed with a hugely imaginative menagerie of magical beasts. 


Age: 9+

The Creature Keeper | Damaris Young

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