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Candy's Gourlay's comic debut! Exclusively available through the Children's Bookshop.


We're currently out of stock - please let us know if you would like a copy and we can let you know when it'll be available again. 


Candy’s comic Safe Passage was Runner Up in the 2023 Faber/Observer/Comica Graphic Short Story Competition. The judges were puzzled to discover that Candy was an award winning children's author, whose novels have been shortlisted for the Guardian Prize, the Waterstones, the Carnegie Medal and the Costa Prize. What was a novelist doing making comics?

‘This is not work,’ Candy insists. ‘This is joy.’

This is Not Work is a collection from more than 20 years of random comics-making, some scanned from scruffy notebooks and sketch pads, others drawn and redrawn in pencil, pen and Procreate.

The comics are tantalizing tidbits from an interesting life – there’s a romantic encounter in the midst of an actual revolution, there’s a LOT of pregnancy, (‘Now Mrs Brown, slowly let go of my hair and push’), there are moments of magic, moments of darkness and even an unfinished horror story.

Candy Gourlay’s writing was described by one reviewer as ‘filled with affectionate humour’. It perfectly describes this mini collection.


This is Not Work | Candy Gourlay

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