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Join us on Instagram or Facebook for the launch of When Secrets Set Sail on 20th August at 6pm!

We'll be streaming live from the bookshop with Sita Brahmachari, in conversation with Farhana Mamojee from the Ayah's Home. Join us on Instagram or Facebook at 6pm for readings and discover the hidden stories that have inspired this exceptional tale...

Take advantage of our exclusive early copies! Books bought on or before 20th August will come signed -- if you would like a dedication, please let us know the details and we will send these out on the 21st.

About the book:

Usha is devasted when her grandmother Kali Ma passes away. Then straight-talking Imtiaz arrives - her new adoptive sister - and the two girls clash instantly. They both feel lost. That is until Kali Ma's ghost appears... with a task for them.

Their home is full of history and secrets. Many years ago it was the House of the Ayahs - for those nannies who couldn't return to their Indian homeland - and Kali Ma made a promise she couldn't keep.

Today, the house is run as a home for refugees, but eviction threatens. The precious documents that could save them are lost. As the house slowly fills up with ghosts that only the girls can see, they realise they have to save more than just one grandmother.

Usha and Immy must set off an a quest through London -- if they can set the secrets of generations free, will be they be in time to save their home?

Age 9+

Endorsed by Amnesty International

When Secrets Set Sail | Sita Brahmachari

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